Where to have Sex without a room or car? EDITED

Hello all, 
Só I'm gonna be 25 and my boyfriend (long distance) is coming to visit and he is staying over. However he is staying at the visitors room and there's no way I can sneak out at night because my parents are gonna be on 100% alert. He is only coming for 5 days and we really want to have sex (we have done it before). but since we can't do it in my house because of my parents and I don't have a car, where do I do it? Paying a hotel room only for some hours in the afternoon is pretty expensive too. All the other times he me here he would visited stay at an hotel because my parents didn't allow him to stay at my place so we would go to his hotel in the afternoon.  But now that he is staying here there's no way I can think of. Any ideas? 
EDITED : no way in hell my parents would let me stay at a hotel with my boyfriend for a night. They are way too  antiquated 😞 sex for them is only after marriage. Even my cousins have done it and they know it and they don't  care.