Am i being paranoid?

I had sex yesterday and when we started he was using a condom but in a moment of total stupidity when it was taken off for other things, one wasn't put back on (i feel so dumb cause i know better, im mostly mad at myself). Anyway so im on the pill and he pulled out, probably a good 30 seconds or so before he came (had time to walk around to the side of my bed). I forgot i had taken a 3 day round of antibiotics last week, when the dr gave them to me i asked how it reacter with BC and she said it doesn't react negatively as much as others do but to always use other protection just to be safe. Also Saturday night I forgot to take my pill so I took it early Sunday morning and then my placebo week started. Should i be worried about being pregnant or am i just being paranoid? Im really anxious about it and am just so mad at myself lol please, anyone have some advice??