advice needed domestic violence

so here is the story i have been married 2 years and 4 months ..

husband is british pakistani ... im british and as his family would say a 'gori' i'm white.. ... this has never pleased his family ... when we first married we lived with them and his mum would constatnly accuse me of things to him and he would then shout at me ... ramadan came and i spent it with his mother and sisters praying etc helping cook clean at night ... i really felt we bonded but no .. she still made racisit comments so i drew back and made less effort .... this didnt go down well and hubby and i would argue .. sometimes he would kick me or smack me or maybe punch a wall ... never a beating about enough to leave a bruise ...i will say i am very argumentive and would really wind him up.

we then moved away from his family things improved ...only once did he kick me .. i fell pregnant .. he was overall lovely through the pregnancy i was confident my prayers had been answered and we would be a happy family ... our son came early and needed help breathing it was horrible .. hubby was not there for me ..

12 hours after our son wss born his bro was on the phone suggesting names and asking about when we would shave his head ... i finally snapped and said stay out he is my son and i will not do what u tell me

hubby and i picked a muslim name we liked but his fanily said it wasnt obvious enough it was too western ....i offered to change it even although i love his name but husband said no keep it however he told them i chose the name ... they refused to use it and called our son the baby instead

this annoyed me the arguments started again he would yell thats my fucking family when our son was 2 weeks old he smashed up our house while i hid in the toilet with our screaming baby .. a couple weeks later he hit me while i held our son ... eventually neighbours called police my mum found out ... he was arressted i refused to give a statement but they still pressed charges

do u think this marriage can recover ? i still love him i feel i shouldnt of argued back with him