My husband is the best!

So, i am super spoiled! My husband is just the best! He literally went to work at midnight, which i wasnt happy about because who am i going to put my leg on top of while i toss and turn all night lol. As soon as i wake up I'm texting him asking how much longer i have to go without his presence (i can miss my man!). He finally makes it home from work and I'm like what took you so long and he shows me a book he bought for our little girl! I was like really Im over here missing you and you buying books for Miss Thang lol (I'm not suprised at all since he reads to my belly and thats just something he would do). But low and behold he didnt forget about mama lol!! He bought me the new Harry Potter Book!!! Thats true love right there but then he upped the ante with Edible Arrangements and a Sheldon Book Mark!! 3 of my favorite things!!!! How in the hell did i get so lucky, blessed, spoiled?!?!? Feeling extremely grateful and of course I'm about to cry because pregnacy hormones! Thanks for my awesome husband!