Gynecologist question

Hi ladies

Just wanted to know is it possible to lose a gynecologist if you havnt seen the gyne for about 3 years?

I was supposed to get an hsg test done in 2014 and i havnt gotten it done because i couldnt find anywhere that did this i asked for another referral in 2015 got it and they told me to call the # at the back too see if any of those medical centers did it... i called but again they all didnt do that kind of procedure.. so last month a friend of mind gave me a # for a medical center near her,she lives 2hours away from i called and i finally got an appointment set tomorrow i get to do my hsg test...the only thing is today i called the gyne center and the sectery is telling me i need a new refferral from my family doctor because its been 3 years...ugh. did i just lose my gyne or is she just telling me to just get the refferal from my doctor.