think I'm pregnant idk

I haven't had my cycle this month. I think on the 30pth or 31 of last month my boyfriend came in me. So I looked at my <a href="">period calendar</a> it says on the 7 th I was supposed to get my cycle , but haven't so on the 12 of this month I had pinkish spotting that's all for that day and the on the 12,14,15 I have been spotting light brownish reddish  discharge. Idk when I should take a test. I'm not having any pregnant symptoms that I see.
I'm always sleepy casue of my work schedule. No sore breast, I have been extra thirsty so I been drinking a lot of water so it makes me pee a little bit more. My back hurt a little but I have been lifting boxes at my job. I have been cramping but nothing that's hard to handle they are little. I really don't know if I should take a test or even when I should take it 🤔🤔🤔