When should i push for an apt?

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Hi I'm on cd40 I called my doc on cd35 and the nurse kinda laughed at me saying technically I'm not late and she is sure my af will start within the week. (I got super pissed wtf is she to know me?) So Anyways my opk says I ovulated 7/30 we bd 24/26/29/30. Last af was 6/14 , I have taken 4 hpt (first response) all bfn. My boobs are bigger but not sore I've gained 4lbs in last 6wks super super tired. I randomly get pinchy in uterus but not period cramps. Also sex is slightly uncomfortable and occasionally I have a few cramps after. I'm so confused wtf is going on. Oh btw my cycle was every 2 wks so doc did 3mo of bc to regulate I've been off for 2 months with normal 28day cycles till now.