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1. Admins if this is not okay please take it down. 
2. I love and respect all woman and I understand how hard it is trying to concieve, I also understand how it feels as a first time mom who went through a loss before (miscarrying).
 Now that this has been said .... 
As a mom already and having a hard time before and now after my daughter I find it very annoying when I ask for advice and a woman goes trigger happy with judgement. I don't like being treated as if I'm ignorant and that I am unaware of how things work...  When in reality I'm a little bit more knowledgable just due to my experience and also it's my body and if I say something is off its off. This is in no way meaning to sound rude but the comment I received really pissed me off 😡😒 it's hard enough without the added stress