the first time my SO made me feel horrible about myself

I have been with my SO for a year and he has always made me feel good about myself. Until tonight. I am 16 weeks pregnant and I have gained a lot of weight so far not necessarily because I'm eating to much. I guess I don't know why. But I hate my body now and I tell my SO that and I feel very unattractive. Well the past week I have wanted to have sex and he tells me no not tonight maybe tomorrow. But a few days ago I was a little sore down there from having sex (finally). That was 3 days ago I told him that well tonight I was laying in bed waiting for him and it was taking a while so I texted him lol but I asked him to come lay down. No response. Text again saying please come cuddle. No response. So I finally get my lazy butt up and go out to live room to see him looking up porn. Don't get me wrong he can watch porn. I watch porn. We watch it together lol. So I get so upset and he thinks it's because he's watching porn. No it's because he never even tried to have sex with me or even asked I wouldn't turn him down like he does me. It's upsetting to me because he picked porn over me. And I already feel like carp about myself since I gained weight. So I feel like he finds me unattractive now. And that hurts so bad. I have never been hurt like this. I may be overreacting but this is how I feel and something I am struggling with and he knows very well how I feel about my body. I talked to him about this and he kinda just ignored me and went to sleep so I am even more upset. I am not looking for attention or anything mean rude comments I just needed to vent.