Baby Shower for second baby? Not finding out gender

Is it ok to have a baby shower for my second child? I thought it was weird but my mom insists and she said "every child deserves to be celebrated" and after she said that, honestly I agree with her. The shower isn't for the gifts but to celebrate the coming of a new life. My husband and I are not finding out the gender until birth and I feel like that would make it hard for the people who want to buy gifts but we are going to say if they would like to buy a gift to buy a gift card instead or bring diapers. My children will be almost exactly 5 years apart so it's been a while and so much has changed since then. I have the big stuff- a crib, changing table, breast pump, etc. need a car seat, baby carrier, new stroller. I don't think it would offend my family, I think they would be happy for me. Everyone is doing gender reveals but since we're not finding out I feel like we should do something to celebrate the little bean. ❤️❤️