this freaking sucks

Ugh. I usually only have one day off a week. Tuesday-Thursday is full days Friday half then I work the weekends about 4-6 hours or more. I got asked at my first job to work the next two mondays(my day off) and was fine and because I was suppose to have this whole weekend off from my other job. "Finally time to relax and get the house clean!" Nope called and they need me ALL weekend. And I'm stressed because we were suppose to be ttc this month and it has not worked out at all. (I had a uti, and he doesn't seem to want to have sex). I'm also going to school as well. I don't mean to complain like I am i know a lot of you women are super woman, probably do all that and take care of kids. But I just wanted a freaking break for once. To be able to do something for myself and to relax and try to stop stressing about us not being ttc anymore cause I'm really hurt about that.