SO wearing clothing given by his ex. Thoughts ??

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So this for me really isn't a big issue , my husband has many t-shirts and when he visited me in the UK accidentally left some behind in the ironing pile so I just picked it up and wore it. Took a pic and shared it and he was like noooo my ex bought me that , I took it off straight away

Anyway, I matured since then and lived with the moron (were getting a divorce BTW) since then and he would wear that T-shirt and I generally thought nothing of it

But I know some girls who HATE it when their partners wear anything they got from their ex partner,

What do you girls think? Would it bother you?

Didn't bother me one bit. If anything I bought him some clothes and he wears it all the time he is just a guy at the end of the day wearing whatever he finds in the wardrobe