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So I'm expecting my baby on Wednesday, my boyfriends father has had a bad cough which turns out is not contagious but is actually congestive heart failure. He's already decided that if he's still coughing he won't go to the hospital because the nurses might think it's contagious. He's fine with that. Now my problem is... my boyfriends mother sounds sick. She was coughing down and sounded like her throat was scratchy. My main rule for the hospital visitors is no sickies.... I don't care who you are. My own mother could be sick and I still would like her to keep her distance. It's a scary thought because she is so over the moon and excited and is even calling out of work that day. How am I supposed to say to her that if she is indeed sick then she will not be allowed.. and definitely not be allowed to hold her. I feel like she will probably try to brush it off to me as allergies but I'm really set on my rule. If you are sniffling, coughing, whatever.. I would not like you to come to the hospital.Β Β