Minors on this app asking about SEX

I'm 16 years old and I use this app every single day. I have seen many girls my age and younger ask questions about sex (how do I give a bj, should I let him finger me, how do you have sex, etc) and a majority of the comments aren't even helping them they're just saying "you're too young!" "Focus on school!" "Go read the bible!" (Yes I understand the "humour" in that one)
But here's the thing, "focus on school"? There is more to life than school. Children are allowed to have a social life. I have all A's in school yet I still have time to go out and party (responsibly 😉). "You're too young!" Well guess what, they're going to do it anyways!!! They don't care if you say that they're too young because in their minds, they're mature for their age. I gave my first bj and hj when I was 12. I was super young! I realize now that I was young but back then I thought I was the shit. I lost my virginity shortly after I turned 13, young yet thought I was the shit. No matter what anybody told me I was going to do it anyways. If someone told me I was too young I'd scoff and prove that I wasn't by doing it. 
All I'm trying to say is, you can critize them all you want but they're going to do it anyways. How about we teach them how to go about it safely. American Sex Education has failed us all because it is an abstinence-based curriculum. Teach these young girls about STDs, where to get tested, ask the guy beforehand, use condoms, where to get birth control, how to talk to their parents about sex and birth control, and everything else. But also, keep in mind that some kids refuse to talk to their parents because of how their parents will overreact. My aunt would kill my cousin if she tried talking about sex or birth control even though shes almost 18. Parents try to hold on to their kids being little for as long as they can and so when they talk about sex and birth control it can come as a shock and parents do tend to overreact. Thats why these young girls turn to Glow/<a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">Eve</a>. 
Please educate these girls, don't belittle them.