My friend's mom


So my friend's mom feels the need to post on all my optimistic posts with pure pessimistic views. For example, when the baby was moving a ton at 20-ish weeks and I stated that I adored feeling her move, she felt the need to inform me that it was only nice until she started kicking my organs and I wouldn't like it for too long. Which is whatever not a huge deal.

Well last night I was feeling down, as I have been for a few weeks because everytime I see a baby I just get so impatient to meet my lil girl. So I posted on facebook that I'm feeling impatient and can't wait to meet her and that I was glas that its October because it will help time go fast, since it's my favorite month.

She then proceeded to inform me with that oh so 'wanted' advice that it's much easier with her in my stomach... to me it's not about it being easy, being a mom isn't easy. I know this. Anyone else hate the advice people give? Ok rant over.