Can't get over this pain..

Katmom ~

Hi all,

My husband and I been TTC for a year and a half for our first until we got pregnant end of August. We lost the baby at 5 weeks and now it's been two weeks since mc going on 3rd week..and I am a mess emotionally most of the time and to top it of..I am spotting after what I thought I was done with mc 😔

It was confirmed I mc completely with ultra sound , hcg is down to 7 that was taken last week. Doing another check up and test tomorrow

But this pain I feel like my heart breaking and can't help but cry. It seems like everyone around is getting pregnant and having babies 😢

Some days I am fine , other days I am just not my self. I am happy for others but I just feel I lost something I can't get back and want to have so bad..

My family live few states away..not having my mom here who is my bff is making it even harder to deal with this alone...

How are you guys dealing with mc and does it get better?