failed induction

Jade • Mama, wife, & hairstylist. ❤️
Thought I would share my experience in case any mamas are interested. I went to the hospital last night in hopes of getting the induction process started. I was 39 + 6. My cervix has been soft but high & a fingertip dilated for a few weeks now. My doctor started me on a round of Cervidil in hopes of dilating my cervix to at least a 3 before starting me on Pitocin. The Cervidil stays in place for 12 hours. I started having uncomfortable but bearable contractions around 4am, and they lasted all through the night until I was checked at 9am. At the end of the 12 hours I was "almost 2" cm. My doctor gave me the option to start a round of Cytotec to further dilate me, which wouldn't be guaranteed... or to go home and to hopefully progress more naturally. We chose to come home as at this point I was so uncomfortable & ready for a break. Knowing I could be there another day with no progress was discouraging. Anyway, I'm home now. I don't feel quite as defeated as I thought I might. My advice is to avoid a voluntary induction. I didn't even have a horrible experience, but just sitting in the hospital being poked and prodded & sleeping in an uncomfortable bed wasn't exactly a fun time. Especially since my little guy could easily come on his own. I should have been patient. As uncomfortable as I am, that was much much worse.