Having a major meltdown

I'm 39 weeks pregnant, due on 10/10. I have had no problem my entire pregnancy with my doctors office... until tonight. I left work an hour early to get go my appt. On my way there I got a call to cancel as the midwife has an emergency. I get it... those happen... but the whole purpose of me coming in is to discuss induction because I'm borderline preeclamptic. So I have to reschedule for tomorrow ... miss more work.. and on top of that they have me seeing a provider that I have never seen my entire pregnancy and won't be delivering me and don't know if she can discuss induction. They won't make arrangements for me to see the midwives that will be delivering me and I'm freaking out. What if this lady let's me go all weekend and should have induced or vice versa she tells me to induce but my normal midwives wouldn't. I'm a FTM and scared and disappointed and mad and just want want my baby in my arms healthy and happy! 😢😩😑