United States Labor Laws and Puppies

I need to vent, badly. I HATE the labor laws in America. My baby isn't quite two months old yet, and I'm having to work because I'm not bringing in any income. I've given puppies away before, and even they had to be older than this! My milk supply is already affected, my boss isn't loyal, so they've cut my pay and completely insulted all the hard work I put in prior to going on leave. I built the clinic I work at from 50 patients to over 500, and because of poor upper management, in five months time, they're saying less than one quarter of their people now. Patients sought me even while I was on bedrest. I was messaged on Facebook at 7pm the day before going back to work to notify me that I could return. They had me take on more responsibilities, and then, after day two, told me that i need to fill out an application and agree to a HUGE pay cut- $5 less per hour! I'm furious! I refused to sign it, told them I brought in more while I was out on disability than what I'd be bringing in, and they didn't tell me whether or not I should go in Tomorrow. I am, however, so they can formally terminate me if that's their intention, because I'll go on unemployment until I can find a better solution. I've already applied places.