Worried about everything!!!

So I have a beautiful 5 week old boy and I am worried about everything. About things that haven't happened and probably aren't going to. I'm worried about SIDS, RSV, the flu, whooping cough, rota virus, etc. I know my baby will get sick as it is a part of life, and I do plan on vaccinating at 2 months (no comments please). But I am still worried about serious, life threatening illnesses. Social media is not helping. Facebook will have pop-up adds about how to tell if your baby has this, that or the other thing wrong with them. Even reviews for baby products on Amazon, like a rocker I was reading a review for said "my grandson really loved this rocker before he passed away in his sleep at 100 days old". Like WTF? It makes me so paranoid and worried. Is anyone else dealing with these feelings? I just want my baby to be healthy.