fed up with daycare

My 3.5 month daughter goes to daycare because we can not afford for me to stay home. She is on a schedule where she is supposed to eat every 2.5 hours... and it has happened twice now that they've let 4 hours go by... an extra 1.5 hours... and I've addressed it with them nicely but it happened again! What do I do?! To top this off - when I was there, there was a baby with a blanket pulled OVER HIS FACE while he was alone in his crib and the daycare workers didn't notice... and once I said something about it, they acted like it was no big deal. They have a total of 6 people in the room all day... 2 at open, 2 at close and another 2 to break the others. Nothing gets communicated. I see my daughter on the webcam 100% independent unless she is being fed or having her diaper changed. Is this normal for daycares??? I drove home sobbing.