Wish you were dead

My SO and I got into an argument last night were I snapped at him for something he had said and he said and then we got into it. He ended up grabbing my face and pushing me backwards and holding me down over the bench. His face was the only thing I could reach to try and get him to let me go and in the process I ended up scratching his face. He was so shocked and is so mad. He spat on me, threw things at my eye which has now got a small bruise, punched me and called me a c#@t and a slut etc.. we had sort of sorted it out later that night but he arced up again this morning saying he had to go to work with satchel on his face, that he wishes I'd fall down the stairs today, to go jump off the bridge, that he doesn't care if I was dead. I tried to explain that I didn't intend to scratch his face and that I was sorry but I just wanted him to get off me, but he just told me I deserved everything I got for how I talked to him. Today is the biggest moment in my career and he said he hopes I have a horrible say and fuck it up. I am really upset, alone and don't know what to think. Even at worst rage, how could you wish death upon your SO?