I Love My Husband ❤️

I'm just taking a moment to give this wonderful man props, for always propping me up 😉
After a stressful month and a close call with a hurricane, I was 5 days late. My husband knew and I could see the anticipation building in his eyes even though multiple tests came back negative. Well on Tuesday AF came and there was no more hoping, no more waiting. I called to tell him and he was supportive as usual, saying well we will just get to have more fun trying. He could hear the sadness in my voice, but he's always my rock! He came home from work with a beautiful bouquet of roses to surprise me with. Of course, it made me cry...happy tears. I don't know how I got so lucky 🍀 This is the only place I have to share and I think he deserves all the applause in the world, but it's just not something discuss on social media, etc.