Chest pain i need help with!

Breanne • Live long and prosper.
Hello all! I'm a FTM, 37 weeks pregnant today.... and i'm concerned about the pain i'm feeling in my lungs. I have read and read about how the uterus expands and pushes your lungs so i can understand having a shortness of breath. But, my lungs feel tight. Like... almost as if i had pneumonia. I feel like something isn't right. When i move my body in any way my lungs feel really heavy. When i inhale deeply there is a sharp ache and when i exhale there is a deep ache. Hmmm... it really is hard to describe. But, i feel like i can always FEEL my lungs. All day. My last appointment LO's heartbeat was normal and my BP was fine so I didn't mention the issue. But, I have been increasingly concerned about it. I have a doctors appointment in four days from now.... but, I just want to know ahead of time what other mommas experienced as normal chest pain during pregnancy. My doctor tends to brush off my feelings as "normal pregnancy" without investigation. So, i want to be sure i'm not overreacting.. but, if this doesn't sound normal i'll give her a call tomorrow. I want to make sure baby girl isn't at risk...not to mention.. i'd love to be a little more comfortable in these final weeks! :(