How do you feel about your little ones being posted online?


Whether you post pictures of your babe on Facebook, Instagram, etc. or not- how do you feel if others in your family do without asking?

Though we've said through the entire pregnancy and since birth that we don't want our sweet one posted unless it's privately by us just to share since all family is out of state- my in-laws either do it anyway or complain about me. We asked everyone to atleast wait to post about the baby unti after we had a chance to make the announcement ourselves and though in-laws complained, they obliged. My SIL posted only the picture of my husband with the baby and said how proud she was of him.

Wth?! But maybe it was just my hormones that made me feel excluded and pissed so I let it go and allowed everyone to have that one announcement post because I understand they were excited.

Well, last night I was scrolling through FB while nursing and see that my SIL updated her cover photo to a picture of my child! Yes, I had texted her the picture but that's because I'm trying to make them feel included (I probably text them and video them more than my own family just to keep them happy) but I don't even post much myself so why in the world would it be okay for you to post it online much less as your cover photo for any stranger to see?! After talking to my husband about it and him not wanting to deal with it and upset them, I texted her explaining and even had to send a follow-up text at the request of my husband to "make sure she's not upset". She didn't respond to either but did change the picture. Really tired of having to coddle them yet they don't respect me or my feelings but whatever.

Sigh. Maybe I'm being a brat. Maybe I'm being overprotective. Maybe I'm just being a new mom. Whatever the case- he's mine and has no business being on anyone else's social media.

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