Falling Apart

I am almost 6 weeks pp after a c-section and I literally feel like my body is falling apart and all my obgyn is doing is giving more and more pain pills. My incision will be fine one week then red and inflamed the next... I've been given Lots of pain pills and a anti bactrial medicine for infection. I have the worst damn headaches that leave me crying. My back feels like I got hit with semi truck. And my right arm is continuously inflamed and tingling. Mentally I am ok for the most part because my hubby is extremely supportive and has been great with giving me lots of rest and making sure I'm taking care of myself which I have been. Is it time to go to my primary physician because I feel like every complaint I have is just being ignored. I'm not a fan of pain pills and they aren't fixing anything. I know the healing process being that this is my second csection. I just feel like I've been run over mulitiple times.