is it bad that I'm miserable?

Does it make me a horrible person that I am absolutely miserable these last weeks of my pregnancy? I had to stop working due to medical issues with my pregnancy, and the simple fact I just plain wasn't able to actually do my job anymore... so now I'm home on bed rest and completely uncomfortable all the time... and just plain miserable. I'm 32+4 with B/G twins. I'm excited to meet my babies... but in the meantime I'm just miserable. In my head I was going to be able to get things done around the house, but I have no energy. When I do get some stuff done I have to take a nap afterwards. I feel like a horrible person for being miserable. I feel like I should be jumping with joy or something instead... but I'm not. I know some of it is me being anxious to meet my little babies, but I still feel guilty for how I feel over all.