Should minors have a death sentence?

Mary • My beliefs and opinions are constantly evolving
There are people who believe that minors should have the death penalty based on what the crime they did (basically the same rules for adults).
A video went around of a child, 6 or 9 years old and he was basically choking, kicking, and punching younger kids at a daycare. Maybe like 2 year olds and such, and he would do this soooo much, but in the end the daycare worker went to jail for neglect I believe?
There are more stories of how teenagers and 10 year olds end up killing even younger children by drowning, suffocating, abusing, and even raping toddlers and such. 
There were arguments about how the kid (and other kids like him) should be "put down" and such since most people believed that if you're already doing those things at a young age and know it's wrong, then there's no point in your future if you've already messed up.
What do you think? Should minors also be put on on death row based on the crimes they did like as an adult? Or do you think there are better options for them?

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