migraine headaches / short literal phase

Let's talk about migraines or menstration headaches. I get both. For years (before I was ever TTC) my doc asked me to take vitamin B2 and Magnesium to help treat them. 
Fast forward and DH & I conceive within 4 weeks of trying. We have a beautiful son.
I didn't think anything of the migraine vitamins until now, because we are close to a year TTC baby #2 and I haven't been taking those vitamins for a while. I know I ovulate day 20/28 cycle so it's a short luteal phase. When I looked up things I could do to help: it's B vitamins, vitamin C, and magnesium! Say whaaaat?! So, I think the migraine vitamins actually helped me conceive the first time. 
Has anyone else had a similar experience?