Anyone else?

No contractions but the past few hours I've been in so much pain. My hips are hurting, can barely walk, feel pressure when standing and walking, every time she moves its hurting, I can't get comfortable & I just feel really overwhelmed. I'll be 37 weeks on Saturday & I really want to make it as close to 40 weeks as possible so I know she's good and healthy. The way I'm feeling right now tho.. I'm just over being pregnant 😩 This is my 3rd pregnancy and I don't remember feeling like this with the other 2. My son is only 16 months & at the end of my pregnancy with him, I just had a lot of contractions & didn't sleep well. This time has been the most uncomfortable & painful 😞 I just needed to vent. Did anyone else feel like this close to going into labor? I'm hoping it's just my body getting ready.