just lost my mucous plug & having tons of contractions

I'm in the middle of cooking dinner. I lost my mucous plug I think? Around 5 pm when i went to pee in bathroom. There was a big brownish blob in toilet. Looked more like something ya see when ya have your period I guess? Well I wiped, washed, and had a lot of brown color on tissue paper. I keep having to wipe now...its brown and I'm having a lot of Braxton hicks contractions I think. Not timing it...I'm at 36 wks and 5 days. Supposed to be induced next Saturday due to having a lot of amniotic fluid...what do I do? Just wait it out? I've got epilepsy & type 1 diabetes. But epilepsy made me have memory loss so I can't recall much on what I should do. (I've had 4 children but I can't remember it. 😢) so dunno wth to do!