2 maid of honors


I have 2 best friends, 1 is my childhood best friend and the other I met at work 3 years ago and we have all 3 became a close circle.

I'm getting married next year and my childhood best friend has always said she wants to be my maid of honor since we were little but I feel like she can't handle the responsibilities of it by herself because of the way she acted when she through a baby shower for me. Yelling at everyone, bossing people around, not getting ready in time to where my baby shower was late getting started. She had a breakdown when other family members were helping her put it together and decorate to where she had to leave and then called me saying it's not gonna be done in time and that it wasn't coming together which made me start to worry like wtf is going on.

I want her to be apart of my wedding but I'm also having my other best friend be a maid of honor with her for help so she won't break down at my wedding. I didn't want to choose between them either because I know if I had my other best friend be the maid of honor then childhood bestie would of thrown a fit. They both don't know these are the reasons why I'm having both of them be a maid of honor. I love them both and I hope I've made the right choice but I'm just worried about childhood bestie breaking down again and causing a scene

Opinions ladies?