Scared. My ex is looking for me.


Ok this is gonna be loong but I need advice from someone. 2 years ago, I dated a guy from Mexico. He was not legal but I didn't know until later in the relationship. Our relationship was very dysfunctional.. He would drink until he passed out and any guy who looked at me he would want to fight. Things started to finally get better, we got a place together and we were both in love and very attracted to each other despite the problems. Then one night, he was driving and we got pulled over for speeding. He had never gotten a license of course so the police took him and let me drive home. Later I went to the jail to try to bail him out, but they told me ICE put a deportation hold on him, so I couldn't get him out. We were both so devastated and a few months later they sent him back to Chiapas, MX (waay down by the southern Mexico border with Guatemala).

We tried to make it work long distance, we talked constantly all day every day with plans for me to go see him, or plans for him to come back.. Love makes you crazy.. But with time, I realized this would never work. We argued all the time even long distance and the drinking problem he promised to fix just got worse in Mexico. He was very controlling and thought I would always be there waiting for him. He got mad at me for something petty one day and broke up with me and changed his status to single on fb and everything. After staying by his side through everything I saw that he wasn't ever going to give me the future I hoped for.

I eventually met another guy who was so sweet. He bought me flowers all the time, didn't try to fight everyone, had a real adult sense of responsibility, didn't drink himself into oblivion every night. I drifted away from my ex even though he would still try to contact me constantly when he realized I was gone for good. About 9 months into my relationship with my new boyfriend, he started messaging him on Facebook threatening him. I assured him that he wasn't a threat to us. Even if he came back, which I was positive he wouldn't.

So fast forward to this year.. Me and my new boyfriend (fiance now) have a 2 month old son now and I am so happy.. He still even buys me flowers and has been a great father. Out of the blue one day he gets a message on Facebook from my ex. It's a picture at a local Mexican restaurant. And he's telling my boyfriend to meet up so they can fight. He used a fake name since we both blocked his real Facebook. Now it's making problems for us because my fiance thinks I'm going to go back with him. But I'm scared because this guy is crazy. He sent pictures of my name carved into his forearm. He knows about our baby somehow. I'm guessing someone my fiance works with knew my ex and told him, but I don't know for sure.

So this guy came back across the border illegally to find me. He has tried messaging me from several friends' Facebooks about how he's here now and I never waited for him. He keeps making fake accounts with no picture and trying to add me. He just won't go away. I know he's back in my city. I even had a nightmare about it before he sent the message saying he's back. I'm scared for the safety of myself and my family. I don't know where he is staying. My question is, what can I do?? I don't know how I can get a restraining order without knowing his location. I feel like I have to look over my shoulder everywhere.

Worst of all, I go back to work in 10 days and he knows where I worked. He's probably been there looking for me already.

I just don't know what to do. Sorry for the long post but I am scared and I don't know where to go for help.