boyfriends sex drive is out of control πŸ˜”

Demi β€’
boyfriend has a really high sex drive and when we don't have sex he starts to get really angry and annoyed at the smallest things then when we do have sex he treats me like a queen he's never angry and never gets annoyed as much , it's been 4 days since we last had sex and he has gotton out of hand he called me a bitch and then told me he was cheating then after 2-3 hours he called me and told me he was lying and swore on our sons life he would never do that . he doesn't want me to see him as a horny teenager but when ever he's with me it's always sex sex sex it's never let's go out and spend time as a family . btw iam 16 he's 17 and we have a 5 week old son . i don't know why he gets like that but it's to much i have told him Β and he got very annoyed and thought i just saw him as a horny 17 but he gets angry if we don't have sex for days or weeks and treats. me bad. but when we have sex he treats me like his queen he calls and texts me for the past 4 days he has only spoken to me 10 times and called me 2 the rest has been me !!!! any advise on how to. onteol it and what to say to him ??Β