❤Update❤We're Swingers, and she fell in Love with my husband

So my husband and I are swingers and we don't mess around with a lot of couples at all. We've only messed around with 3, and we've been friends with them all. Well one of the couple's has basically stopped talking to us.

My husband and I were talking about it and he was talking to the husband of one of the couples a few months ago and he said they got into a huge fight and were we're having a lot of issues with fidelity.

Well we knew they were swingers too and they had dabbled in that lifestyle for a while but they never had issues until we came into the picture. Everything was fine while we were having our "mess around" get togethers with them but a month or so went by where we weren't able to get together due to our schedules etc. Soon after this big fight between the couple happened, My husband ran into the wife at a gas station and she said she was surprised that her husband didn't tell mine what all the fight entailed.

This makes my husband think that the fight was about him. We both kind of think she was crushing or was falling for my husband after we thought about what all each of them said about the fight they had and what all the fight entailed. Her husband and her bith said it had something to do with her being "unfaithful" but they both refused to say how she was unfaithful or with who it happened. So we think basically she said something and it made her husband think she had feelings for mine or something like that. It's weird though because when we're together we just act like friends even after sex, theres no funny business other than whats allowed. She also lnly has my number and her husband only has my husbands number, so its not like they were talking off and on or something.

So do you think the fight was about my husband? Do you think they fought because she was starting to get feelings for him? My husband doesn't like her like that, she has a lot of emotional and anxiety issues with many things. He said her husband has stopped texting him and she hasn't texted me either or responded to my texts. We're not trying to get into their business or bugging them about their issues, we just want to help in case there was a misunderstamding or something and we don't know for sure if it was about my husband or not or it was about someone completely different.

I'm sorry if this sounds all over the place, it's a crazy situation. I will answer questions with updates to this post. Tell me what you think

❤Update- so this issue didn't cause issues in our marriage, and We haven't been bothering them or constantly texting them. I haven't even texted the wife in a couples months and my husband hasn't texted her husband in about a month. When we do message then its casual as in "hey how are you" "do y'all want to go to the beach this weekend" normal concersations, not asking about their issues or even asking them if they want to mess around; we keep it casual. I didn't assume she fell for my husband, this is the conclusion my husband came to after what her and her husband said to him.