My birth story

So my whole pregnancy I joked that I would go into labor at work. I am a RN on a busy med- surgical unit in the same hospital I planted on delivering at. On my last actually scheduled shifts to work (I was 39+5) I noticed my underwear were wet. I thought to myself- I know I didn't pee my pants. So I changed my panty liner and kept going. About 30-45 minutes later I noticed they were wet again-so I changed the liner again. This happened 3 or 4 times until I asked my coworkers if they had a pad I could use so it could hold more. ALL of them told me that I should call the doc because it was probably my water. So I called around 2:15 in the afternoon. The doc told me to head upstairs ( L&D is 2 floors above the one I work on). I told my charge nurse I needed to go, and I headed upstairs. They checked me for fluids and the wasn't much there and the first test was inconclusive for fluids. So they ran the more detailed test and it was conclusive for my fluids. I just had a slow leak and baby's head kept blocking the whole. Since I was ruptured they had to keep me. I called my hubby to come. I called back down to my charge nurse because i was still technically in charge of 5 patients on my floor and asked her what she wanted me to do. They had to call in another nurse and it was going to take some time. I gave her my cell phone number and told her to have the nurse call for report when he for there. I wasn't having contractions so around 4 pm they started pitocin- which is when I gave report to the next nurse. He was so weirded out by it and that cracked me up. I survived 5.5 hours on the pitocin before caving for an epidural. I was having all back labor and it sucked. But that epidural was heavenly and the best decision ever. I was able to rest after that. Baby arrived at 4:45am on 10/31. I pushed through 3 contractions for all of 5 minutes. Jacob Kenneth arrived. He was 7lbs 5oz and 20 inches long. He's beautiful. I'm blessed.