When should I test?!

So, looking for a bit of advice please lovelies!
Last week, 16th November stars aligned and comditions were perfect (almost) EWCM, positive ovulation test....hubby had done his back in so things weren't perhaps quite as romantic, but hey ho, we did the deed!
I am now in my 2ww, however I usually have a 22-23 day cycle, meaning that AF was due yesterday or today....no show, yet! Been having cramps for the past few days, only on my right side though, and I keep thinking AF has arrived as my knickers suddenly feel really wet, but it's just watery CM (sorry if TMI!!) not bloated as I normally would feel, in fact, I'm feeling quite the opposite, even wearing a new dress today as I'm feeling like a skinny Minnie!
According to glow AF is not due for another 6 days, but as I say, according to my body cycle which glow has got wrong for the past 5 months, I'm now late......what do I do?! When should I test?! ARGH!
Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated!
Big loves