I love to take baths I'm not kidding like twice a day at least ( morning / night ) I feel like the pain in my back after a roughs night of sleep feels relieved. I'm taking more baths now than I have my whole pregnancy because once again the back pain is just getting worse. ANYWAYS is it bad to take baths all the time?? As far as the temperature I don't know what I put it on I just set it where i like it. Not too hot where it leaves red marks on my skin but I keep it pretty warm. We also have well water ( for people who don't know what that is ) it's not city water where you can have an unlimited time of hot water. Our hot water only lasts for so long. So the question is... is it bad to take that many baths in a day & having the water temp where I do have it at?? I am 31 weeks 3days.