4 month old sick

Jessie 🌛 • Celine 💕❤️
I took my baby in on the 10th for a stuffy nose and congestion and she also wasn't eating as much. The doctor said to give Tylenol and just use the syringe And if she gets worse worse to take her to the hospital. The about a week and a half later my LOVELY FLIPPINGsister in laws decide they want to leave their sick kids with nasty coughs here and one kept coughing close to my baby's face. Of course each time I'd tell her nicely to cover her mouth and not get too close but toddlers aren't the best listeners. So now I think my baby has caught what they had because her congestion was going away but all of a sudden one day she woke up MORE congested and with a very nasty cough , sounds very phlemy and she has a bit of a fever. Also at the same time she's teething and I don't know if the diarrhea which she's had for a week now is cause by the cold she caught or teething. 
Would you take your baby to the hospital to get checked out ? My SIL goes to the same clinic I do and she said all they recommended was Tylenol .. I feel like they'll tell me the same thing. 
Opinions ?? I feel so bad seeing her so sick