Words of wisdom and request for prayers


Hi Everyone,

I have never asked this at any point in my life, but I am sitting alone in a hospital room with my daughter sleeping in my arms, and wanted to ask you all for a quick prayer for her.

On Wednesday our 4.5 month old love started having symptoms of a little cold. Runny nose, a little cough. On Thanksgiving it had gotten worse, full blown cold...Friday no change. Saturday she woke up with chest congestion you could feel, and extremely labored breathing.

We brought her to the hospital and they said she was in respiratory distress. She has RSV and bronchiolitis, all causing extreme congestion in her chest and nose. She has been in a tremendous amount of discomfort, and docs said if we didn't bring her in when we did this would have had a much worse outcome.

Ariya is my first baby, and my instinct told me something was wrong. People like to make first time moms feel like they always blow things out of proportion. If you feel something is wrong with your baby, trust your gut. I'm lucky that my husband supported me, and Ariya is on her way to getting better. She's not out of the woods yet and could develop pneumonia, so if you could keep her in your thoughts I would be forever grateful.

Thank you so much.

Jessica, Stephen and Ariya