Friends dog and bad headache 😔

Hey everyone! 
I honestly don't know which group this even belongs in, so correct me if I'm wrong here... 
I'm having such a difficult time today. Ever since I woke up this morning I have felt dizzy and had a headache all day (it's not almost 6pm). My friend is leaving to the states to visit family for a month and I told her I would watch her dog. I have NEVER heard her dog whine/bark anything. She's always been such a good dog. So I didn't think I would have any issues with her and my dog together. 
This is a random fact, I'm currently 8 months pregnant. So I like to go to my room when I start to feel like crap. I have been trying to take a little nap. She won't stop barking and whining. It's honestly making my head hurt even more. I have taken her out 3x, I've fed her, I even gave her my undivided attention. She's making my dog act out. I honestly don't know what else to do, especially since I'm not feeling so well today :( 
Any helpful ideas?