Maternity leave / going broke!


December 18th my job is cutting my pay 5 dollars because I can't lift the 50lb requirements anymore. That Is about 400$ short of my normal check. On top of that I have to pay my OB 320 a month until February when she's born. Then after she is born I have to take a week with no pay to receive 60% of my pay until I go back to work.

I'm stressing the hell out on trying to figure out how i am to get bills paid when my doctor bill is almost as much as my rent. And then after, I want to take 10 weeks off but I know my husband is going to flip out once he sees my checks. At my old job we got by decent on 800$ a month from just me so I'm sure we can do it. Its just so much expensive taking off work to have a baby than I think actually birthing a baby is.