my weight loss journey isn't over

T • 🌳🍂
Hey y'all! I just wanna share my story because I know there are people out there struggling with their weight just like me. 
Recently I was diagnosed with PCOS.. my dr told me I needed to lose ALOT OF WEIGHT. 
My starting weight was 244... 
I can proudly say I'm down to 221 !! 
My goal weight is 200 and then it'll be lowered to 180. 
I've learned to only set goals that I know I will hit within a month or two because it makes the process more enjoyable knowing that your hitting ALL your small goal weights to get to your final one. 
I've started walking. Everyday. If it's too cold out, I put music on and walk around my house for half an hour or longer. I've cut out everything that has more than 4 sugars in it. 
But that doesn't mean I haven't treated myself. I've had two cookies and still have lost 23 pounds. Eat in moderation. Live your life. Have fun doing it. And remember. It doesn't matter what anyone other than YOU thinks about YOUR journey to weight loss. 
Always here to talk if you need it. :)