Our little guy/birth story

Excited to share that our little one Declan was born on Dec 20th at 11:55 pm. He was 1 week overdue and weighs 6 lbs 12 ounces and is 20 inches long. I was in early/prodromal labour for over 2 days. Went to the hospital for my NST and ultrasound at 41 weeks ( planned induction was for the 23rd) having contractions 3-4 minutes apart for over an hour. They determined I was still in early labour and 3 cm but my water broke just before they were going to send me home and I was 4 cm right after. Went from 4-8 cm in about 6 hours then stalled at 8 cm for 4 hours as baby's head was slightly tilted. Being in transition phase of labour for that long was a challenge especially only having fentanyl for the pain. The doctor gave me the option of a c section at that point or an epidural and try to continue for a bit longer as baby was still doing well. I honestly felt so done after feeling like I needed to push for a whole 4 hours and not being able to that I decided to go when section. There were no guarantees it would have worked to keep trying. At that point I wasn't even nervous for the section just ready to be done. The actual surgery was probably the weirdest thing I have had done but I wouldn't have changed the outcome of our little one for anything 💖