Feminism needs a renovation

Blueswan • 🏳️‍🌈 (Pan/demi, she/they) A smart feminist who writes, sews, cooks, etc. kundalini/Sikh follower, and hopefully successful college student. ADHD/anxiety
There have been many versions of feminism in the past: all had their strengths and weaknesses and brought us a little closer to equality. They fit the times they were born in, and either faded out as primary concerns were taken care of, or had a backlash against it. A new form always took its place. 
It's time for a new form. We do need to fight to protect what we have, but we need to change with the times. More inclusiveness is needed; feminism is often seen to be about white upper-middle class educated liberal cisgender etc. woman, when it should be about all of us. This also includes men; we are against an unbalanced and unjust system, not the other 49% of the population. And as any mother of a boy knows, they can be just as damaged by the patriarchy as women. 
Also, there is no one feminism: in my opinion, if you are against one gender having more power than the other, you are a feminist.
We need to focus on what's most pressing today; climate change, economic inequality, the changes technology has brought about. And while we're at it, let's think about neglected issues: like motherhood and why the workplace is set up like it's still the 50s, or how millennias of oppression shaped how we think about ourselves. We also need to encourage not-so-fortunate women elsewhere (encourage, not foist upon).
All thoughts and ideas are welcome; if you disagree, be polite. I want to have a discussion, not a battle.