how can I tell him he's dirty in a nice way?

Every time I come over to my mans house he has the same sheets on his bed. Now I know that some people use the same sheets over and over again but wash them every 3days or week but his sheets don't seem that way. There would be stains, his dog hair and crumbs all over them. His 4year old daughter peed on his bed while sleeping with him so I implied that he needed to get new sheets to replace his old ones with, and suggested that he washes it once a week but has the new sheets as replacement because they'd be clean and he never took that suggestion. His apartment is alway extremely dirty with dog hair so I asked about his ability to take care of his dog and clean after him and he said he should be doing better but is busy so he's thinking of giving the dog away but he still hasn't (assuming that's because he's attached). 
We were having sex one time on his bed and god a bug somehow was crawling on his bed. I freaked out and that was it for me. He made fun of me about it and said his daughter wouldn't have the reaction I had rather she would have played with the bug 😒
His twin brother and gf who also live with him call him dirty all the time and used to make fun of him because whenever I was coming over he used to clean and vacuum. He now stopped doing that too. 
I'm not sure how I can tell this man that he needs to prioritrize his responsibilities to keep a clean environment. I've tried the get rid of ur dog so it's less responsibilities for you. I've tried when you have time for yourself and you don't have your daughter clean your area instead of watching movies with your friends and going out. But none seem to be working.