Cheating or not?

UPDATE: We're good now :) I definitely will no longer be drinking with out his consent. I can no longer get my vch either 😂 He accepted that he's really jealous and doesn't want anyone "seeing" me at all 
Okay so I've hit a problem in my relationship. New Years <a href="">Eve</a>, I got really drunk and I blacked out. Next morning I found out that I had flashed my boobs to two girl friends that were taking care of me. One is my best friend who's already seen my boobs before and another one is a taken friend. I of course told my fiancé about it because I don't lie about this. I personally don't count it as cheating cause shit I've had much worse things happen to me. But he considers it cheating, so the question is, would it be cheating? I'm okay if it does count, he doesn't know what to do with me as of right now. I suggested a break and he doesn't want that. I'm not allowed to drink anymore as another suggestion. What other things we could try to fix this? I honestly recommended for him to go flash his dick to two friends but one that has already seen it has to be there and he has to be blacked out drunk. But he said no one has seen his dick up where he's at. Help? 😶