Is something wrong?

Okay so I'm going to start at the beginning. I have an extremely high sex drive and my boyfriend and love of my life does not. We live together and do a lot as a couple. The only times we aren't together is when the other is at work. The past couple times we've tried to have sex he either doesn't finish or we can't get him hard. So tonight when I got home from work, he had been there maybe an hour I walked in and kissed him then asked if he was hungry (not really) and then asked if he wanted to do it (ehh no). So I started a load of clothes and on top of the dirty pile was his boxers with cum in them. He hasn't mastubaited since we got together. I asked him about it and he said he couldn't wait. Am I doing something wrong? Is he just not attractive S to me anymore? I'm so hurt that I haven't been able to please him and then I walk into this. He got really mad when I asked and I don't want to make him mad or upset him. I love him and o want to please him.