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So my bf has a female friend he calls bestie that he knew before he met Me. I met the girl , she's not the best meaning having multiple boyfriends and sugar daddys, well anyway. He hasn't seen her in over a year , they chilled the other day for the first time since . so anyway this morning he tells me they made plans to hang out. I told him I wasn't really ok with it cause he wanted to smoke weed with her and had no plan on going anywhere and I didn't Want them just smoking and chilling in car. He goes anyway. Then I call him while he's with her and say , why don't you guys come chill at the house. Like why are you trying to just chill outside when we have a house. I'm pregnant BTW and have a one year old. So they get here , smoke and she says she can't go home high so can she sleep here. I say ok cause wtf... Then they decided to go to the gas station at 11:30 at night wound up going to Walmart , its now 12:30 he walks in with her still in the car asking if I mind if they buy drinks and drink tonight in the house. She's literally waiting in the car , so I'm spazzing cause I have work tomorrow and have to go to bed , like how you gonna impose me like that. I can't say no cause I'll look like a controlling insecure dummy , so I got real mad and said I'm going to bed I don't even wanna be out here anymore. I thought you were gonna come to bed with me but now you'll be drinking all night with some bitch in my living room while I'm trying to sleep for work ... Yeah you know I'm not getting sleep. How would you all handle this , is he in the wrong , opinions ?

**For anyone saying shit about them smoking In my house , they smoked outside , I wouldn't evenet someone smoke cigarettes in my house , I'm not that ignorant