A little help from my fellow nerds please

We find out what we are having today, but won't reveal to the family until tomorrow. My husband won't be with me today due to having to work, so I'm trying to figure out how to tell him without telling him ( like a riddle) we both are HUGE into Harry Potter and Supernatural and are doing a Harry Potter themed reveal tomorrow so my question is should I break the news to him harry potter style or supernatural style? He don't want to wait until tomorrow, he gets paid today and wants to go shopping (I don't blame him so do I) and we have A LOT to do tomorrow to get ready. I asked him last night which fandom does he like more to try and get an idea , but he couldn't pick, said it was too hard lol (believe me I can agree). Or maybe I should switch it up a bit and do How I Met Your Mother since we both are big into that show too.

Please no bashing, I've put a lot of thought into this for him, just need to figure out which one to use since I'm stuck. I thought of maybe even colliding all 3 together...

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